BLACKPINK’s Rosé captures the bold essence of Saint Laurent

Vocalist Rosé becomes a dream come true for luxury brand Saint Laurent, modeling in a tight black dress that fully projects her essence


Get ready for an impressive photoshoot! Currently, charming BLACKPINK vocalist Rosé is serving as the global ambassador for French luxury brand Saint Laurent. Also, the cute 25-year-old will be the new cover of ‘Harper’s Bazaar Korea magazine in its May 2022 issue.

In the photos that have already been released, we can see her fully dressed with ‘YSL’, showing that the singer has a lot of class and elegance. She dressed in only two colors: black and red, she steals the hearts of all her fans.

One of the photographs stands out where she models a tight-fitting black dress with a “V” neckline, sophisticating Rosé ‘s slim silhouette, and wearing a classic leather belt in the same color. In contrast, she holds a huge bouquet of red roses that are reminiscent of the colors of the brand.

In addition, the almost platinum blonde hair ends up closing the color palette in the session. In the other photographs, the artist is seen in different black looks that very well capture the elegant and wild essence of the brand. The photographs on a red background convey the personality of Rosé, an independent and confident woman who is ready to continue conquering the world.

BLACKPINK's Rosé captures the bold essence of Saint Laurent

Rosé also offered an interview, where she opens up in a personal and profound way to talk about important issues in her life, for example, she revealed her feelings for music and the stage. The vocalist herself mentioned that her music is the main component of hers, as it is how she can express herself closely with her mind. Regarding the stage, she said, “The stage is so much fun. Sometimes I enjoy it and sometimes I don’t, but I feel like it’s where I belong .”

After receiving some compliments on her voice, Rosé responded with the following words:

I think people’s personalities are revealed in their voices. I am grateful for expressing myself well.

Rosé also shared her thoughts on her audition for her host company, YG Entertainment, revealing her experience in the selection process, “Dad told me to audition. I asked him, ‘Will you accept me because I’m watching a hearing?’ and he said, ‘When you think about it and you turn 25, you’ll regret not doing what you want to do.'” These words sank deep into her heart, she remembers them vividly after nearly a decade.

The image of an adult that I dreamed of as a teenager seems to be me now.

Talking about how her youth and family have passed, Rosé lovingly expressed her relationship with the other BLACKPINK members, “I feel comfortable when I’m with the members. It’s even more so these days. time, I feel like we’re a family.

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Written by Leena Wadia

Linguist-translator by education. I have been working in the field of advertising journalism for over 9 years.


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