Bella Thorne and the rainbow mini bikini with which she posed in Cabo San Lucas

Benjamin Mascolo announced the end of his commitment to Bella Thorne

bella thorne
bella thorne

Bella Thorne has been enjoying a well-deserved early summer vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, and has shared some details on social media.

In her recent post, the 24-year-old actress shared a reel of photos of herself showing off her striking figure dressed in a tight two-piece swimsuit. With all the glamor that characterizes her, Bella showed off her slender figure barely covered in a multi-colored swimsuit with a halter neck bra and open back, matching a bikini in the same pattern with laces tied on the sides and green pants from low waist

She added several colorful rings and bracelets and pink sunglasses that she hung from her bra strap, as well as a blue and gray snakeskin bag.

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She highlighted her features with light makeup and red lipstick; Her auburn hair was shown in a high bun with curled strands next to her face.

In one of the photos, she was shown hugging dogs on the street, while in others she posed by the pool with one of her friends and went on a yacht ride.

Bella Thorne’s updates come after her now ex, Benjamin Mascolo announced that they had broken off their engagement shortly before the summer, the season in which they had planned to do it.

In a publication made on social networks, the Benji & Fede singer broke the news referring to the time he was with Bella and the way they lived their romance for more than three years. “A little over three years ago I crossed paths with the most incredible human being. That day my life changed forever and I am deeply grateful for every moment we have shared since then, “said the musician in a long statement.

Later in his message, he added: “I promised myself that I would embrace the pain and discomfort that comes with such separation from the woman I love most and will always love, knowing that these feelings that we try to avoid at all costs are the catalyst to give birth to a better world. Pain will be my teacher, as much as love was, and will be again when it is destined to be.

Although Bella did not speak about it like Benjamin, she did use her stories to share a video of herself in bed with the written phrase: “I always wake up alone.” The reasons for their separation are not known.

The celebrity and her then Italian boyfriend, 28, got engaged during a trip to Spain, one of the first they did together after the two were separated by the pandemic.

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Before popping the question, Mascolo set up a romantic date outdoors with the phrase Marry Me in large letters in lights and a huge heart made of roses with their initials written on it.

In a recent interview, Bella told Entertainment Tonight that she has been keeping busy planning her wedding, to which she planned to invite stars like Zendaya and the cast of Shake It Up, the show she was on for Disney.

In a separate interview, Benjamin revealed that they wanted to do two big weddings, one in Los Angeles and one in Lake Como, Italy.

“We are already working on it because big weddings take a long time to organize. What we can say is that we want to do two. We want to do one in Los Angeles and one in Italy. It will most likely be at Lake Como because we love Lake Como.”

Previously, the celebrities said that the wedding would take place in the summer of 2022 when both were completely unoccupied and in no hurry to cover their respective agendas.

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