Giselle Blondet reclaimed control of Nuestra Belleza Latina, much to the amazement of the sentenced candidates.

Trials, tribulations, and a struggle for a comfortable life in the mansion were all part of the Univision reality show.

Our Latin Beauty 1
Our Latin Beauty 1

‘Nuestra Belleza Latina,’ in the words of his boss, was “the hue of a bold ant.” To support Alejandra Espinoza who is still recuperating, Giselle Blondet returned to drive it, but the surprise that all the contestants were punished!

‘Nuestra Belleza Latina’ started an hour late because the chain had to attend the soccer match, but they were ahead from the start. Farruko was one of the 11 contestants who walked the runway before Giselle Blondet, who left her judge’s chair and changed into her presenter’s outfit on Sunday.


“As you may have noticed on the networks, our dear Alejandra Espinoza has had a health issue, and today I have donned the driver’s attire to show my support for her. Since the very beginning, as I promised when we first met, “Giselle, in her red evening gown, said as much, looking stunning.

A farruko in the film Nuestra Belleza Latina

Giselle Blondet reclaimed control of Nuestra Belleza Latina, much to the amazement of the sentenced candidates.

Giselle was expected to drive again, and there were many other expectations for the show: knowing why the candidates had been surprised when entering the mansion; knowing who had chosen the public to obtain the tenth key; knowing how they had performed in the extreme test with Marie Antoinette Collins as their coach; seeing if Jomari Goyso and Adal Ramones continued to fight; and knowing which would be the two candidates in danger of elimination. Here, we lay it all on the line for you.


When the applicants first walked into the mansion, they were taken aback. Why? Many people thought Osmel Sousa would be waiting for them, but he wasn’t… The problem was that the house was completely deserted when we arrived! This new season does need the girls to acquire the luxuries of the home by overcoming obstacles.


It was decided that just five of them would be able to sleep in a bed instead of the inflatable mattresses they’d been given after a physical test.


It was up to the public to choose between Dhanna Valentna and Fabien de la Concepción as of last week’s finish for key 10. As a result, the Colombian was able to enter the mansion while the Venezuelan had to say her goodbyes.

De la Concepción receives the tenth and final key

Giselle Blondet reclaimed control of Nuestra Belleza Latina, much to the amazement of the sentenced candidates.
Key 10 is in the hands of Fabien de la Concepcion. Featured Image Courtesy of Univision


She broke down in tears and said she was overwhelmed by the public’s support and dedicated it to her Cuban family, who are going through a difficult period. Of course, Giselle’s hugs returned, and she soothed her with them.


In the company of Giselle and Fabien de la Concepción

Giselle in the company of Fabien de la Concepción Univision 

For reasons we’ll get to in a moment, Marie Antoinette Collins had the girls ready for an extreme test: one group had to report a fire, the other had to do so in the middle of a hurricane.


The girls had to see the test in person and await the results of the judges, who were introduced by Migbelis Castellanos and visited by Greidys Gil.


Giselle Blondet reclaimed control of Nuestra Belleza Latina, much to the amazement of the sentenced candidates.
Greidys Gil and Migbelis Castellanos with Giselle Blondet. Featured Image Courtesy of Univision


Most of them fell short of the judges’ expectations, which were met this week by Daniella lvarez, Adal Ramones, and Jomari Goyso, three of them. What were their assertions? When reporting, they lacked fluidity in their words and did not take it seriously. They used comedy. They were also repetitive.


There was, however, a victor, and that was Sirey Moran, who would receive gifts and 30 minutes of conversation time with her family and friends. As long as we keep in mind that cell phones and any other form of communication with the outside world will be prohibited once they enter the competition.


What was the kind of bond that Jomari and Adal shared?


Goyo and Adal are brothers from Colombia. Univision

They may not be “the best of friends,” and neither of them claims to be, but their disagreements were much less intense than they were the week before. However, both bands, particularly the Ramones, opted to add a small piece of ice to the mix this time around.


One of the contestants would be chosen by the judges, while the other would be eliminated based on how well they fared in a severe test and competition for creature comforts inside the mansion.


Adal Ramones announced that they were all in danger once the jury reached a verdict. That decision on who would be the first to leave the tournament would not be made by them but rather by the general public. Meaning that the candidate who garners the least amount of support will be eliminated from consideration.


Giselle Blondet reclaimed control of Nuestra Belleza Latina, much to the amazement of the sentenced candidates.

‘Our Latin Beauty,’ as she is affectionately known. UnivisionWhat will transpire on Sunday the next week? Along with the fact that one of them will be evicted, Alejandra Espinoza will return to driving and Giselle Blondet will sit in her judges’ chair alongside Daniella, Adal, and Jomari, just nine contestants will remain in the house after this week.


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