Ana Bárbara enchants the network in a red dress and impressive legs

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Ana Barbara
Ana Barbara

The beautiful and exuberant singer, songwriter, businesswoman, and model from Potosí, Ana Bárbara, returned to social networks to thank one of her collaborators for her work and took the opportunity to show us her stylized figure with a spectacular scarlet red outfit.

Altagracia Ugalde (given name of the also dancer), wore a fitted red dress with an opening on the leg, which highlighted (and very well) the thigh, a pronounced neckline on the chest, and jewelry on the hands, neck, and earrings. in the ears, which makes her look very beautiful.

Ana Bárbara accompanied her photograph with a message of thanks to her collaborator, Lando Joan, who is in charge of creating content and social networks for the grupero singer, a task that surely makes the creator of “La Trampa” very happy.

My dear king, my @landoslays my boy, today is a much more special day (because all of us who share are??) but a little more, because we celebrate your life and for all the clubs “sorry” how high???? well apart! YOU KNOW THAT I ADORE YOU AND I LOVE TO SHARE WITH YOU so much LIFE ???? CONGRATULATIONS and you know that I LOVE YOU??????

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A queen to the full extent 

The fans, in addition to sending good vibes to Ana Bárbara‘s friend, took the opportunity to highlight the incredible figure that the Potosi composer maintains thanks to exercise, a healthy diet, and of course her busy work rhythm that brings her from one place to another from her house. in the United States to the best places in Mexico and the American Union.

The message from the creator of “Actually”, a success made famous by the youth singer and daughter of Pepe Aguilar, Ángela Aguilar, received almost nine thousand reactions in a few minutes, and dozens of comments, which, as we said, are mostly to highlight the incredible figure and elegance that the grupero queen has with any outfit she wears.

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