An explosive couple 4: Confirmed? Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker publish revealing photo

21 years of the first film, Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan would be to give life again to ‘Lee’ and ‘Carter’, two of his most beloved characters

Jackie Chan And Chris Tucker

What was a rumor for months seems to have been confirmed? The actor Chris Tucker shared in his Instagram account a photo next to the not less famous Jackie Chan; giving a foot to the fans to think that the next film is about to arrive.

Although Tucker and Chan have expressed their willingness to film another sequel to “An explosive couple,” a couple of months ago this was not a reality, because the producers in charge of the story did not give any sure information about its realization.

Amid these rumors of the realization or not of this new film, Chris Tucker shared an image of him with Jackie Chan showing four fingers together, once again speculating about the arrival of the fourth film.

Without writing a legend for the photo, it is the fans who in the Facebook publication ask for a meeting of the two actors on the big screen. “Chris, do not play with my emotions,” “First Bad Boys 3 and now An explosive couple 4, it’s too much for my heart” and “You are the best, I can not wait for you,” are some of the comments that are achieved read.

Chris Tucker and an explosive couple 4
In February of this year, actor Chris Tucker was invited to the podcast ‘Winging It’ by Vince Carter and Kent Bazemore to talk about his career and his upcoming projects. In the middle of the conversation, one of the interviewers could not avoid talking about “An explosive couple” (Rush Hour) and the fourth installment that he and Jackie Chan have. The interpreter surprised everyone with his statements.

“While it is not in the reproduction stage, we are working on the script, Jackie wants to do it, I also and study more, we want to make this film together, please wait,” he commented on the podcast.


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