Amouranth’s Stalker Has Been Arrested After Alleged Break-In Attempt

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Amouranth has shared her experience dealing with an extremely committed stalker.

Since June 7, Twitch banner Amouranth has been openly tweeting about an alleged stalker who has been following her activity online and in real life since May 8. Amouranth had described formerly that she had set up a security system and had hired an armed worker to live in her visitor quarters to deal with the risk. Now she’s spoken about the entire experience after the stalker was presumably arrested after trying to break into her house.

In a big thread posted to her individual Twitter account, Amouranth details how this stalker had been streaming “every minute of his expedition” on Twitch, with the platform doing very little to assist besides taking his account down. However, the stalker would simply establish another account to continue streaming his stalking, and explained in one of his streams that he sold all of his possessions to move from Estonia to the state in which Amouranth is based, including his home, automobile, and even her cat.

Amouranth goes on to discuss that the only possessions this stalker owned were the clothing on his back, a saxophone with a case, and a set of formal clothes. She discusses that shortly before the break-in effort, the stalker had streamed himself strolling to her home dressed up, saxophone case in hand, and cased her home for a full 30 minutes. After trying to break in, Amouranth called the police, although she declares dispatch was disrespectful, frequently put her on hold, and took 33 minutes to in fact get to her property.

There is a somewhat pleasing ending to the story, although it comes at the expense of a lot of tension and fear from Amouranth herself. She declares at the end of her Twitter thread that the stalker was detained by the cops and the Estonian embassy has been contacted. The stalker is also no longer in Houston, Texas where Amouranth is based, but admits that’s all she knows at the moment.

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