Acapulco Shore: Jacky Ramírez shows even tonsils in a hot photo

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Jacky Ramirez
Jacky Ramirez

A tremendous stir was caused by the former participant of Acapulco Shore, Jacky Ramírez, who recently announced her debut on the private content platform, Only Fans, giving a small sample of what her fans can find in her, as she posted a “hot” preview on his official Instagram account.

Wearing red two-piece underwear set with ture details, Jack showed off her enormous attributes by posing seated and with her ‘tremendous peach’ in the air, in addition to her prominent treasures in front.

“The wait is over, finally, as you wanted to see me,” the former Aca Shore published in a daring way.

Jacky’s post began to be filled with likes almost immediately, highlighting the daring comments of her fans, who did not shy away from flattering their queen.


Jacky Ramírez rose to fame by participating in the program Falling in love, an incursion that led her to be part of Acapulco Shore, where she has given the fans of the MTV show something to talk about, as they considered her a copy of Manelyk González, another ex Here Shore.

From the first day of season 8 of Acapulco Shore, the followers of the reality show remembered Manelyk’s attitudes toward this new participant, something that did not go down well.

Jacky Ramírez became known in the media due to his participation in another reality show called ‘Enamoranos’ on TV Azteca, where he starred in several controversies, leaving the program early due to faults in the competition regulations.

The brunette is strong-willed and immediately marked territory in the Acapulco Shore house, assuring that she was willing to have conflicts, because she did not see that someone was competing for her inside the mansion.

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