With a dress of revenge: Images of Shakira’s video with Manuel Turizo are filtered

Shakira 1 scaled
Shakira 1 scaled

The Colombian will make all the networks burn again because images of Shakira‘s video with Manuel Turizo in a transparent dress are filtered 

For a few weeks the new bombshell of the native of Barraquilla has been cooking and images of Shakira ‘s new video that she shares with the singer Manuel Turizo are filtered , where it is loaded with romantic scenes.




The music star arrives with a dress of revenge , where he presumes that he is better than ever, because after the break with the former Spanish footballer Gerard Piqué he arrives like a hurricane.

Since Shakira is in one of her best moments and returned stronger to what she knows how to do best, which is making songs and making people fall in love with her melodies, because the singer is on fire and the wolf howls loudly again and everyone listens to her.


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From she-wolf to mermaid

Several videos are circulating where she carries out her new project , since with a revenge dress, images are filtered where she shows off everything she has because she reveals her entire figure with the transparencies of the outfit, as well as including quite romantic scenes and a kiss with Manuel Turizo .

The song that he assures is called ‘ La copa vacía’ was recorded in Barcelona where he shares microphones with the singer, within the video that was shared on the official Instagram account of ‘El gordo y la flaca’ you can see a bit of the scenes


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And it is that just a few weeks ago he had leaked the cover of the album where the interpreter of ‘ Día de enero’ and ‘¿Dónde están los ladrones?’ she is shown as a little mermaid suspended in the air plus she has pink hair and a long mermaid tail.

In unofficial information, they lasted a little more than twelve hours in the recording and Shakira had several costumes that included the revenge dress with transparencies, in addition to recreating various natural settings such as a waterfall.


shakira red dress


The image can be seen of the Colombian in a giant fish tank where what comes out, in addition to the dress that has been highly applauded by her fans, in the information there is also a kiss with the singer .

With all the romantic scenes that exist with the interpreter, it caused a stir, in addition, the singer did not want to give details if it was a romantic kiss or a beak kiss, which caused great controversy and expressed a few words for the Colombian.




He expressed the famous ” Shakira smells delicious and is very pretty” with which he shares a microphone, although the release date depends on Shakira’s schedule, which will surely be a bomb within digital platforms, in addition to not letting everyone stunned again with the letter.


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