Moments of anguish! Fan suffers spectacular fall during Chuy Lizárraga concert


Mexico – Anguishing moments spent a fan of the singer from Sinaloa Chuy Lizárraga in one of his concerts offered this weekend in the United States since he had a sharp fall.

The moment of the fall of Chuy’s fan was captured in a video that has already gone viral on social networks and in which it is appreciated that the young woman tried to go on stage to be with the singer and suddenly fell.

After falling, Chuy’s fan was unconscious, some news portals report, she also suffered strong blows to her face, especially since she could not support herself.

Several attendees of the show pointed out that as soon as Chuy watched his fan fall, he stopped the concert to help her, fortunately, he was able to react moments later.

The singer of songs like I know it accompanied his follower until she fully recovered, although paramedics immediately arrived to help her.

Chuy, a former vocalist for Sinaloan groups such as La San José de Mesillas (today La Adictiva), is currently performing in the United States his Up the Horses Tour 2021, also presenting a jaripeo show.

After having started his solo career, Chuy has been fortunate because he was able to quickly establish himself as a favorite among audiences in Mexico, the United States, and other countries, and he has also achieved several musical successes.

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