Andrés García assures that ANDI owes him a lot of royalty money and asks the Treasury to audit


Mexico – The actor and producer Mexican Andres Garcia, who is 80 years old, announces that owes money ANDY questions royalties and does not want to answer, so he asks Treasury to conduct an audit.

The famous film, theater, and television actor in Mexico mentions through a video shared on the official YouTube channel that he will appeal to the authorities in order to collect the money from the royalties of his films.

After participating in more than a hundred films throughout his career, Andrés García should have received a good amount of money, as a result of his work in Mexican cinema, but it has not been the case.

For this reason, García, who for now is retired from the stage, denounced that the National Association of Interpreters (ANDI) has not paid him royalties for four years and would like the Ministry of Finance to intervene in his case.

Mr. García points out that he has not personally gone to Mexico City to check on his royalties because he suffers from high blood pressure and every time he speaks they come up with a “different thing.”

“What the hell is happening with ANDI? Mr. Elías Moreno and his people board, I have not been personally going to collect royalties for more than four years. What do you think of an audit to ANDI? I think they deserve it”, refers to the YouTube video.

Andrés García assures that ANDI owes him a lot of royalty money and asks the Treasury to audit
Photo by Agencia Reforma

Andrés García emphasizes that many of the films and soap operas in which he has participated are still being broadcast at the moment, which is why his royalties should be good, but they have not been sent to him and it seems unfair.

On one occasion when he called ANDI, they answered that he had 22 thousand pesos, then they told him that it was 4 thousand, so he was upset and would like the Treasury to intervene in the handling of his money.

“This is shameful, I am not starving and I am not an asshole like you are, I say it to your face, now you show your face, Elías Moreno shows his face and talks to my lawyers,” says the actor annoyed of soap operas like Tú o Nadie, where he acted with Lucía Méndez.

And on the subject of Mr. Andrés García, so far the National Association of Interpreters (ANDI) has not issued any type of information or communication on its social networks.

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