Mia Khalifa shows off with a man who is not her boyfriend in suggestive pose

Mia Khalifa shows off with a man who is not her boyfriend in suggestive pose
Mia Khalifa shows off with a man who is not her boyfriend in suggestive pose

Is the love between Mia Khalifa and chef Robert Sandberg over? The recent publication of the adult cinema review shook Instagram.

Mia Khalifa fueled the rumors on Instagram after posing with a man who is not her boyfriend chef Robert Sandberg. The film screening for adults made a suggestive pose on social networks and behind it a cheerful young man who generated a stir in cyberspace.

For several weeks, it has been speculated in various media and social networks about the possibility of a new conquest in the heart of Mia Khalifa; However, the sports commentator also settled the issue with a strong message.


Despite this, Mia Khalifa reaffirmed what she said earlier about the feeling she has for the chef Robert Sandberg and said that possibly in the not too distant future will surprise more than one with the announcement of their marriage.

Now, Mia Khalifa generated a stir in social networks to show off with another figure that is not the chef, so some users let see that possibly things between Robert Sandberg and the adult film screening is not quite right.

Mia Khalifa

“Everything you see I owe to Texas de la Rosa. Thank you for taking me out of my comfort zone and making myself a glamor to the gods, and for knowing when I need the minimum and continuing to make me shine,” Mia Khalifa wrote in her recent publication. Instagram, whose words have generated more than one rumor in cyberspace.

In the photograph you can see Mia Khalifa with a pronounced neckline that left to see more and behind her the mysterious man who stirred social networks.

Khalifa and her fiery photography that enchanted her Instagram fans

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