Mia Khalifa changes the size of her implants and wears them with Style

Mia Khalifa shared in her Instagram account a photograph in which she shows undergoing an emergency operation.

Mia Khalifa

The sports commentator Mia Khalifa , remembered for being one of the famous adult film actresses, has become one of the most active users in the Instagram social network , a platform that she chose to share the activities she does day to day and also to Show the romantic encounters you live with your partner, chef Robert Sandberg. In her latest publications, we have seen her wearing a robe inside and outside her home after undergoing emergency plastic surgery.

Mia Khalifa made one last publication in which we can see her wearing a sleeveless dress and a neckline after undergoing an intervention after receiving a heavy blow during a hockey game. As he commented on his Instagram account, thanks to his implant, he managed to get out of the incident alive. If the blow had been more intense, it could have finished with the perforated lung.


Although the sports commentator avoided at all costs to remove the implants, the young woman had to do so to remove the object that was damaged inside. Mia Khalifa did not choose a smaller size, but a larger one. This decision was evident in the last post he made on Instagram.

In the photo, we can see her smiling in front of the mirror while her partner, the chef Robert Sandberg, kisses him on the face. He said that in the next few days the points of the surgery would be removed.


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