Irina Baeva looks like Galilea Montijo with open pants and nothing underneath

Irina Baeva
Irina Baeva

The Russian model Irina Baeva shows off everything like Galilea Montijo with open pants and also without anything under the garment that highlighted her figure 

The gorgeous Irina Baeva melted the networks like never before and as the host of ‘ Today ‘ Galilea Montijo , she is not far behind and shows off her impressive silhouette in open pants , because she also forgot to put something down , leaving everyone with the square eye.


Irina Baeva


The Russian actress has won the affection of all the people since she is one of the women with unparalleled perfection, at 30 years old she is one of the most beloved celebrities on the small screen since she has an exuberant figure that does not pass unnoticed.

Gabriel Soto ‘s famous girlfriend recently let herself be seen like never before in a tiny bikini but in the image that she uploaded with open pants where she shows off all her beauty as well as her blue eyes illuminate either the screen or Instagram .


Irina Baeva what the actress was doing when she arrived in Mexico to study


A real Russian beauty

The actress born on the other side of the sea is one of the women who have perfect measurements and has an enviable beauty, from the Instagram platform where she left everyone crazy with indescribable beauty.

With a white top , he showed his entire abdomen worked and marked since he also boasts a dream face and dazzles all his followers because he is currently in a relationship that has already reached a point of stability with Gabriel Soto, months ago he assured that it had ended .


Irina Baevaa


The Russian came to Mexico to stay because with her first participation in ‘Pasión y poder’ in 2015 she won, she is one of the most sought after by producers, as well as starring in ‘Vino el amor’ in 2016 to dazzle with her beauty and his figure that has no comparison.

And like Galilea Montijo , she does not go unnoticed because the famous woman has almost four million followers on the Instagram platform where she fell in love with the soap opera heartthrob Gabriel Soto when they got to know each other more in the Televisa soap opera ‘Soltero con hijas ‘ of the year 2019.


Irina Baeva deja ver su tonificada figura en diminuto bañador (FOTO)


The Russian actress left her millions of fans shocked with her pants open, as she blew up social networks by showing off a beauty from another world because her perfect measurements are from another world, where the famous Mexican soap opera has a beauty. exquisite.

With the top that matched, she looked perfect, on the part of her fans she captivated locals and strangers because she is one of the sexiest women in the world of entertainment and it is not for nothing that she is the girlfriend of the great Gabriel Soto and left behind the alleged relationship with Sara Corrals.


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