Billie Eilish’s concert rain sparks a wave of memes

Billie Eilish
Billie Eilish

A massive downpour in the Foro Sol forced the cancellation of Billie Eilish‘s show, resulting in a massive ‘wave’ of memes, and here are the finest!



What awful luck the thousands of attendees at their idol’s concert had; Billie Eilish, then, a massive downpour fell at the Foro Sol in Mexico City, stopping the singer from giving her long-awaited performance. Twitter, like any good Mexican, is full of ‘wave’ memes about it.

On Wednesday, March 29, a stunning concert by the famous and famous Billie Eilish was scheduled in Mexico City; however, the weather did its thing and turned the Foro Sol into an astonishing ‘pool,’ forcing the event to be canceled.



“I can’t give the show, I mean, did you see that storm? They tell me that I have to go and that you go to your house and I’m like ‚Äúno‚ÄĚ.¬†So it would be silly for me to leave without going out and say ‘thank you for being here, in the fucking rain,'” the singer said.”


Billie Eilish, like Britney Spears a little over 20 years ago, was unable to give her concert, but to everyone’s surprise, she came out to face the drenched fans who were waiting for her and explained that there would be no presentation for everyone’s safety, but instead he sang five songs in acoustic mode.


Owing to security concerns and the inability to use the necessary equipment for the concert, the singer was forced to cease the performance and leave the venue after singing all five songs.



This has resulted in a flood of memes on social media, which we couldn’t stop showing you because, despite the misfortune, Mexicans haven’t lost their sense of humour about what happened to this vital translator.



Obviously, all of the memes are about torrential rain, swimming pools, floods, and even the Titanic. In short, everything that happens when “Tlaloc,” the God of Rain, becomes upset, so enjoy it!



It is worth noting that Billie Eilish guaranteed that the concert will be rescheduled for this Thursday, March 30, in the same location, so her fans can be relieved that they will not miss the long-awaited performance.


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