Belinda and her three schoolgirl skirts are ready for any occasion

Belinda 55
Belinda 55

Belinda looks like a total “school girl” with three different skirt styles that she wears for any occasion. The pop diva has offered the public some of the most daring motions in three styles of schoolgirl skirts that Belinda has captivated everyone’s attention.

The so-called “Princess of Latin Pop” consistently manages to amaze with diverse, opulent, and current designs, but schoolgirl-style skirts are without a doubt one of the outfits that have become wardrobe basics.


belinda 2 1


Belinda has worn them in various styles, colors, and designs throughout her presentations, so presumably she has a broad range to choose the one that best matches her day, and this time we are only talking about “three” with those that the “businesswoman ” has left more than one with a square eye.


1.Scottish style 

Belinda has grabbed eyes and several sighs when going on stage in a classic school skirt with a white shirt as a top and a black tie, coupled to a pair of highly tattered stockings. The actress’s motions from “Welcome to Eden” are a gift for her fans in the style of Gloria Trevi.


belinda 1


2.Black micro skirt 

The color black occupies a special place among the “naturalized Mexicanfavorite “‘s outfits, which is why it has appeared in complete outfits and with a short skirt that reveals the stylized legs of the interpreter of “Luz sin gravidad,” who always adds an extra touch with a shiny accessory or shoe, such as a pair of luxurious boots from her collection.


belinda 5


3.A stream in vinipiel

Belinda Peregrn Schüll unleashed incredible euphoria during one of her most recent presentations in Tampico by wearing a total red look where a vinyl skirt was the sensation of the night and caused such frenzy that a fan pushed herself onto the stage to be closer to the artist.

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