The real Captain America returns in Secret Empire

Captain America
Captain America

After the controversial plot turn that made Captain America Hydra agent, the verder Steve Rogers returns.

If what Marvel editors were looking for was publicity, with the introduction of Captain America as a Hydra agent they did it. The reaction of the fans did not wait, who put the cry in the sky by the perversion of the definitive comic hero of World War II. The current political context, for those who watch newsreels, did not make to give more echo to the spin of argument and worsened the reaction when seeing to the representative of the American values ​​became basically Nazi.

The real Captain America returns in Secret Empire

The tie of the fictional group founded by Red Skull with true Nazi regime that governed Germany between 1933 and 1945 and its crimes against humanity was particularly outrageous for those who emphasized that both Jack Kirby and Joe Simon were of Jewish religion.

Now, after more than a year of living with evil Captain America, Marvel seeks relief from readers by sharing a breakthrough from Secret Empire # 10 by Nick Spencer and Steve McNiven, where Steve Rogers kills Captain Hydra using Thor’s hammer .The real Captain America returns in Secret Empire

“We understood that history would challenge readers, but we also knew it would end,” Marvel editor-in-chief Axel Alonso told The New York Times. “We also thought that history had important things to say about democracy, freedom, and American values ​​that Captain America represents.” What they could not foresee, Alonso concluded, was that “by the time the story was over, the country would find itself in the midst of a heated debate over fascism.”

Secret Empire # 10 goes on sale today in the United States. Ovni Press has been publishing Marvel comics in our country in a sustained way, covering the previous Civil War II editorial event, so we can expect a national edition of Secret Empire in the not too distant future.

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