Ana Paula Capetillo shows off in a bikini and conquers her fans once again with an animal print

Adam Smith
Adam Smith
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Pau Capetillo
Pau Capetillo

At 25 years old, Ana Paula Capetillo is a woman as special as her presence defines her. And this is explained in this way; she the young she is the daughter of a famous couple in the middle of the national show, made up of Eduardo Capetillo and Biby Gaytán. After this, her grandfather was also a recognized character in the world of cinema and bullfighting , as much and more than her uncles have been. She is the second, since her firstborn is her brother Eduardo Capetillo Jr.

With this as a preamble, qualities run in the family and Ana Paula has only known how to channel and multiply them. In recent times, it’s her sister Alejandra or her brother Eduardo who capture the spotlight as much as her parents , but this time it was “Pau” who conquered people with a daring animal bathing suit print.

Pau Capetillo conquers her fans in an Animal Print

Despite the fact that the month of December has already begun and this implies that the cold season will hit everything, Ana Paula knows that the warmth of the beach is what makes her happy. For this reason, she did not hesitate to remember a recent trip where she enjoyed the sun, the sand and the sea to enjoy the warm rays of the sun and, incidentally, get the best tan.

For that occasion that he defined as : “Missing this little getaway”, Pau did not hesitate to show himself as rarely can be perceived, this is wearing a bathing suit that revealed the beauty that lives in it and even that is distant from the outfits that he usually wears, where there are plenty of clothes that cover him a lot with high collars and somewhat baggy pants. This time it was not like that, because this animal print revealed his silhouette and gave him thousands of new followers.

The black Look

When the animal print was not the choice, Ana Paula opted for more discreet tones with the same design style. It was so that on another day of her vacation at the Hotel Xcaret Arte, Pau showed off a black, one-piece swimsuit and with certain airs of comfort for her sinuous figure.

In short, the sea in the background, a sunset at her feet and the beauty that she carries, were perfect to enjoy with a drink and the rest that she well deserves.

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