Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck sign controversial prenuptial agreement about their sex life

The followers were surprised to learn of JLo’s “sexual appetite” and that it will condition her next husband.

Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck

On April 4, singer and actress Jennifer Lopez announced that she is engaged to Ben Affleck, 18 years after they first ended their relationship. The 52-year-old artist published a video  De Ella On The JLo in which she shows, visibly excited, a green ring. Her reps later confirmed the engagement to People magazine.

The ring was an emerald-cut diamond, pale green in color, according to US media. “Bennifer,” the nickname given to the couple when their first relationship made headlines from 2002 to 2004, set the gossip press ablaze last year when photos of them together recirculated.

They first met on the set of Gigli, a huge flop from 2002. They postponed their marriage plans in 2003 and early the following year announced that their relationship was over. If they go through with their new wedding plans this time, it will be the fourth marriage for Lopez and the second for Affleck, the 49-year-old actor, and director.

The sexual clause that Jennifer López and Ben Affleck would have when they married

Lopez was previously married to actor Ojani Noa, dancer Cris Judd and singer Marc Anthony, with whom she has 14-year-old twins Max and Emme. For his part, Affleck was married to actress Jennifer Garner and they are the parents of Violet, 16, Seraphina (13), and Samuel (10).

It should be remembered that Lopez discussed her renewed relationship with Affleck in an interview with People in February. “It’s a beautiful love story that we got a second chance” to experience, she said.

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Rules for intimacy between JLo and Affleck

However, in the midst of the happiness that this news means, both for the couple and for their followers, the truth is that the smile was erased for a moment when the prenuptial agreement that Lopez made was known and that it has a slightly “bizarre” point ”, as commented by his own fans.

The agreement highlights the fact that JLo put a requirement on her next husband that is directly related to her happiness as a woman: sexual relations.

According to the leak that the American gossip press has made of the pre-agreement, the actress asked Affleck that their intimate encounters not take place once, not twice, not three times a week, but four; and this is only the minimum that she asks for, so the “happy” moments between the couple could even be daily.

As expected, Internet users on social networks were not only surprised but also happy for the couple; although one or another did not hesitate to make comments that were not at all pleasant when referring to the intimate life of the artists.

“What envy! I have not been able to get my boyfriend to promise me once a week”; “But what, are they going to spend it in those every day? Remember that a lot of something is tiring in the end”; “Ah, that was the little save: Jennifer didn’t miss Ben but her ‘little friend'” and “That’s right, because if not later they start making excuses and well no, you also have your needs and even if you’re forced they have to comply” , are some of the comments that can be read on some of the virtual platforms where this news is circulating.

At the moment, the other requirements that JLo placed on her future husband to be able to marry are not known, although many people have not hesitated to theorize the list.

“Doing it in the car and even in the elevator should be another clause”; “Could it be that you are also going to charge him for doing it?” and “These rich people are rare. Do not be surprised that he has also asked you to be open to relationships with other people, “said some users on social networks.

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