Anne Hathaway is turning 40 and looks like she’s in her 20s

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Anne Hathaway 1 Scaled
Anne Hathaway 1 scaled

The actress reaches her 40s with an impeccable look, leaving her anxiety problems behind.

When Anne Hathaway became known as Mia Thermopolis in ‘The Princess Diaries’, she captivated an entire generation with her impeccable beauty and great talent for comedy and film.

From that moment came iconic roles such as Andy Sachs in ‘ The Devil Wears Prada’ , which catapulted her as one of the most elegant women in the world and one of the most sought-after actresses in Hollywood, who reached her climax with her amazing interpretation of Fantine in the musical ‘Les Miserables’, a role that gave her the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress.

From then on, Anne has played roles of all kinds and has shown that not only does she know how to make people laugh, she also sings in the perfect tone, she is capable of surviving in space, she can be a first-rate thief and even a very good boss, not as cruel as Miranda Priestly.

But if anyone would be proud of Anne as we see her today, it is Priestly herself, because today Hathaway reaches her 40th birthday with a porcelain complexion, an enviable body and an exquisite sense of fashion , which has captivated designers. from the great haute couture houses, who are dying to dress her in all the public events that she gives, after having made a strong introspection trip, because she suffered from anxiety.

Doing something wrong in public and being exposed to the tabloids and criticism of the whole world generated a terrible panic in her , that’s why she pushed herself to the limit to be successful in everything she set out to do, never thinking about fame, only in the discipline and duty fulfilled.

To this was added the hard process of forgiving her parents, from whom she was estranged for years, but thanks to therapy and maturity she managed to heal the wounds and now they have a very good relationship. “They made mistakes, but they also did a lot of good things. They did the best they could and I know it. We have a great relationship now, although there were difficult times, very difficult, “ she told The Telegraph.

Among all the roles that Anne has played, she considers that there was one in particular that convinced her that she was an actress, all because of the journey she was able to make on herself with the help of the film’s director. It is about her leading role in the movie Rachel’s getting married.

“ It changed my career and my life, because (director) Jonathan Demme showed me the kind of person I wanted to be, the kind of artist I wanted to be, and the kind of life I wanted to build. He was not clear about it before. I had never had a leading role like that, it was my first time playing a complicated character, where I had to put all my compassion on the line to understand someone very difficult. And I found that she was my favorite kind of character to play: someone that others gave up on but I can grow to love to show the world. I was a sweet actress. Divine. A loving and fashionable actress. But suddenly I became a real actress, ”he said for Elle magazine.

This role earned her her first Oscar nomination and showed a new facet of Hathaway, who hates being called Anne because she feels like she’s being scolded.

Today the actress is happily married to actor and businessman Adam Schulman, with whom she has two beautiful children, 6-year-old Jonathan and 2-year-old Jack . Her favorite person in her world is her brother Michael, for whom she has given her life and whom she has defended tooth and nail. Hathaway left the Catholic religion because they did not accept her brother’s homosexuality and her activism reached the point of selling a photo of her own marriage to donate the money to the Freedom to Marry movement , which fights for equal marriage for same-sex couples in USA.

Anne is also staunch in the gender equality conversation, championing women’s rights and serving as a UN Women Ambassador.

Today marks the 40th anniversary of the birth of the actress, on November 12, 1982, and for this reason it is worth highlighting her career, her humanity and her beauty. Happy Birthday Ann!

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