Mati Khalifa, Mia’s sister, posed with an “underboob” top that hit Instagram

Mati Khalifa almost went overboard with her daring pose.
Mati Khalifa almost went overboard with her daring pose.

The influencer joined the new fashion, as did the former adult film actress.

Mati Khalifa jumped into social networks when he came of age. “Yes, I am the sister of Mia Khalifa”, she wrote on her Instagram biography, where she began to add followers until she reached 2.2 million and then also joined the OnlyFans platform.

In her social networks, the young Lebanese woman shares images of her daily life and some photos where she models clothing and underwear sets. Khalifa is attentive to fashion and it shows in her most recent publications, where she joined one of the latest trends: the “underboob”.

This fashion began with bikinis: it consisted of placing the mesh bodice higher than usual. This was also transferred to the tops, as can be seen in the image published by Mati Khalifa.

Wearing glasses, a very short but long-sleeved sweater, and a white culotte, the 18-year-old posed from the armchair and received hundreds of thousands of “likes” under the publication.

What is Mati’s relationship with Mia Khalifa?

Although Mati claims to be the younger sister of the former adult film actress, the latter did not confirm the relationship on any occasion.

In her social networks, Mia has about 24 million and does not skimp on the number of publications: every day she shares several stories of her daily life, and in none of them does Mati appear.

For these reasons, some followers of both distrust their relationship, although they admit that there is a resemblance between them.

Beyond the doubts sown by Instagram users (and also Tik Tok, where Mia is a star) various media took it for granted that they are sisters, and at no time did Mia Khalifa come out to deny it.



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