Amber Heard broke the silence after the trial against Johnny Depp

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After the verdict that ended one of the most viral libel trials of the decade, Amber Heard broke her silence on the victory of her ex-husband, Johnny Depp. In her first interview after her appearance in court in Fairfax, Virginia, the actress said that she does not blame the jury for not believing her and she claimed that she did not get ” fair representation ” thanks to social media.

A spokesman for Heard said she decided to do the interview after her ex-husband and his lawyers ” covered ” the media after the verdict, and to ” express her thoughts and feelings, many of which she was not allowed to communicate from the dock”, the witnesses.

In a preview, ahead of the premiere of the full interview, which will air in two parts this Tuesday and Wednesday, Heard criticized the role social media played in the case and detailed how she experienced the ” hatred and vitriol ” directed at her in social networks:

“I don’t care what anyone thinks of me or what judgments you want to make about what happened in the privacy of my own home and my marriage behind closed doors. I don’t presume the average person should know those things, so I don’t. ” I take it personally. But even someone who’s sure I deserve all this hate and vitriol, even if you think I’m lying, you couldn’t look me in the eye and tell me that you think there’s been fair representation on social media. You can’t tell me you think this was fair,” Heard said.

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On social media, particularly TikTok, people overwhelmingly supported Depp during the libel trial. As of June 3, the hashtag #justiceforjohnnydepp had almost 20 billion views on TikTok, while #justiceforamberheard had more than 80 million. Tags like #amberheardisguilty had 900 million views on social media at the time.

When asked about his feelings about the jury’s decision, Heard replied, ” I don’t blame them. In fact, I understand. He’s (Depp) a beloved character and people feel like they know him. He’s a fantastic actor,” he stated. On the other hand, Heard’s team assured that social networks came to influence the jury’s verdict, something that the Aquaman actress referred to in her interview.

When Guthrie told her that the jury’s job is ” not to be blinded by it…to examine the facts and the evidence,” Heard replied, “Again, how could they? After hearing three and a half weeks of testimony about how I was an unbelievable person. Not believing a word that came out of my mouth.”

After six weeks of testimony, the court case came to an end on June 1, with the jury concluding that a 2018 article Heard wrote for the Washington Post, about her alleged experiences as a survivor of domestic abuse, defamed Depp. The actor received $10.35 million in damages.

Heard won on one count of her countersuit, successfully arguing that one of Depp’s lawyers defamed her by claiming her allegations were ” an abuse hoax ” intended to capitalize on the #MeToo movement. The jury awarded him $2 million in damages.

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