Geekybar is a US newspaper with more than seven decades of history and currently one of the most viewed digital portals in United States with its website The first printing of the newspaper included 500 copies on March 10, 1993 in the city of Los Angles.Geekybar is considered a benchmark for information in USA. Throughout its history, it has reported on the economic, social and political growth, as well as the most momentous events in USA with its printed editions in the five most important cities of the state. 

The experience, passion and talent of Geekybar has expanded to offer today stories and diverse content for the consumption and enjoyment of a large community around the world through its sites

In the same way, it is important to mention that THE Geekybar has diversified business towards the educational and medical sector, while maintaining and increasing its popular presence, which is why its stories have been worthy of multiple acknowledgments from civil society and national organizations. and international, carrying as a current banner to posterity the motto from the beginning: Serving the region, we serve the country.


Geekybar’s mission is to provide content that satisfies audiences, through the responsible exercise of the rights of free expression and independence, and based on the principles of legality, truthfulness, impartiality, quality of information and professional work. Our commitment is to the community: to monitor the actions of the political powers, to contribute to the democratic life of our country and to spread the diversity of voices.

Geekybar must be an attractive, competitive and efficient multiplatform content generator for advertisers, offering innovative solutions in advertising technology and digital networks.

Geekybar pursues leadership and growth, through technological innovation and constant training of its team.



We are aware that the right to information belongs to citizens and we enforce that right responsibly.


We publish factual content in order to provide the best coverage, stories, analysis, and research on local, state, and national events.


It is our editorial base. All of our informational content must be fair, tolerant, free from prejudice, with open judgment and respect for diversity and ideas.


We present the best content to our audiences with respect and ethics, always following the public interest.


We distinguish ourselves by being a means of promoting democracy, transparency, equality, human rights, sports, family coexistence and the dissemination of citizen complaints from any social sector.


We are a vigilant means of the actions of political powers and institutions, understanding it as a fundamental principle for citizens to make informed and useful decisions in democratic life.

Code of ethics

Geekybar, an independent multiplatform company aimed at a heterogeneous audience, provides reliable content, diversity of opinions, analysis and entertainment through a professional handling of language and images.

Geekybar interacts with society by distributing content of interest to the different sectors that make up the community that reads and follows us.

Without exception, the members and collaborators of Geekybar on its various platforms: print, digital and social networks, we impose on ourselves this catalog of principles and values ​​that sustain our relationships with sources, readers, advertisers and the community. Each of us, aware that our most important value is credibility, is obliged to comply with and monitor compliance with these standards.


We are aware that the right to information belongs to citizens and we enforce that right responsibly.


Geekybar respects the right of citizens to freedom of expression. The freedom to disseminate, investigate and receive opinions, information, ideas, through any means without limitation of borders, or in the face of the abuse of official or private controls, in accordance with the seventh article of the Constitution of Mexico and the nineteenth of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; this as long as said expressions do not harm the rights of third parties or contravene legal, constitutional provisions or those provided for in international treaties.


– Rumors are not news. Faced with them, Geekybar assumes a serious and professional attitude, undertakes to investigate, and when true data and true facts are found, publishes them, records the sources and evidence of their content. Before publishing it is confirmed.

Geekybar does not make informative montages or alter the informative meaning of its contents.


Geekybar is a nonpartisan medium and alien to any independent candidate.

Geekybar has as a policy that every complaint or accusation must have the version of the accused party. The journalist must search for it by all means available to him. In case he is not found the same day or he evidently refuses to answer or hides himself, this explanation is included in the note in both the printed and digital versions.

– The opinions, comments, accusations, complaints made during live broadcasts are the sole responsibility of those who broadcast them.

– Obstacles to journalistic work are published only if they are news by themselves.


Geekybar does not censor any of the different currents of thought. His opinion columns and editorial pages reflect the confrontation of political ideas at the local, national and international levels, and the heterogeneity of ideas.

– Employees have all the freedom to openly express their party sympathies and antipathies.

– The pluralist stance towards political ideas is equally valid for other expressions.

Geekybar does not write offensive expressions towards a community for reasons of ethnic or national origin, skin color, culture, sex, gender, age, religious belief, social, economic, health or legal condition, sexual preference, disability, physical appearance , immigration status, pregnancy, language, opinions, identity or political affiliation, marital status, family situation, language, criminal record or any other reason. Any discriminatory reference is avoided.

– Journalists must not attribute inferior values ​​or social functions to people or communities, nor use stereotypical figures with the aim of offending, disregarding the dignity of groups or persons, or belittling.

– The diversity policy is also applied in the hiring of talent because we consider that to the extent that we have a heterogeneous newsroom we can better address the stories of our society and generate plural content.


Geekybar ensures that statements and opinions are not confused with facts.

– As a general rule, the facts and documentary or tangible evidence are on the statements and sayings.

– Reporters and editors go only to reliable sources and, furthermore, they cross-check data that seems inconsistent to them with other sources. If the publisher believes that a source is unreliable, it removes the information immediately. When required, impartial specialists are used.

– The significant data of a content is not intentionally omitted.

– Geekybar follows up on all relevant news, even those published by other media, as long as they are important to the community.

– Geekybar presents content in its proper dimension, without exaggerating it, but also without minimizing it, always trying to do it objectively, precisely and clearly. Reporters and editors take care that the headlines adhere faithfully to the content of the respective articles.

– Geekybar rejects the reproduction or usurpation of content understood as plagiarism. This medium agrees to attribute credit to the original source.

– The content generated by news agencies published on our platforms is the responsibility of the news companies and not of Geekybar

– Geekybar staff always carry the official identification of the medium, whether it is visible or not.


– Geekybar must pay the per diem and all the expenses inherent to the informative coverage.

– Geekybar rejects gifts, gratuities and preferential treatment for themselves or for those close to them by information sources. If a gift arrives at the company, the human resources area of ​​the square will return it or donate it to charities.

– The journalist who is directly affected by a situation (personal, economic, community) and may compromise their independence will not participate in such coverage, unless that journalist has experienced it personally and this situation is in the public interest.

– No reporter writes notes on sources or subjects with which he has links of extra news interest. No reporter or editor of  Geekybar provides subordinate services in government agencies or agencies or institutions whose interests could compromise their impartiality and credibility.

– Agreements with government entities aimed at promoting sports, promoting cultural or community development do not imply special treatment for the information that arises about them.

– Geekybar employee status cannot be used to obtain personal benefits of any kind.

– Photographers, cameramen, columnists, editors, reporters and collaborators – no one else – may be accredited to sporting, cultural, entertainment and various kinds of events, exclusively to carry out their work of informative coverage.


– In the extraordinary case that Geekybar has to keep the name of one of its sources, either because the person considers that their safety, integrity, employment or because it has been agreed with the editor, the confidentiality commitment is total: Geekybar will never break it.

– If the source consulted opts for anonymity, their identity will be hidden both in video, photographs and audios, either by blurring their face or by distorting the tone of their voice so that it cannot be recognized; thus preserving anonymity.


– Geekybar generates various broad informative content, which is far from a personal opinion issued by its author. These articles are notes, reports, investigations, surveys, chronicles, interviews, videos, documentaries, among other journalistic genres, which are produced by journalists of the company based on verification of the facts, data analysis, documents, various statements collected with witnesses, experts, citizens, as well as with work in the place where the events occur. These contents will always be signed by journalists, except for the cases described in this document. This credit signifies responsibility and professional commitment.

– When the contents are signed as Writing, it will be in the following cases:

A. If the team or journalist who participated in the generation of the content considers that there is a risk to their integrity due to the exposure of their names.

B. Newsletters will not be signed. In the case of the newsletter, a badge will be placed to specify that it is a statement, in the digital version the link to the original source will be integrated into the article.

– This medium can also publish content from other media, publishers or journalists with prior authorization, for which it will be signed with the name of the medium, publisher and / or journalist.

– When the content is from an information agency, it will be signed with its name.

– Geekybar handles contents that correspond to the opinions of the person who writes, as is the case of external collaborators or Geekybar employees. Said opinions are the sole responsibility of the person signing them, since they do not go through the control of this medium, which is part of its policy of respecting the opinions of its columnists and collaborators.

– Geekybar includes institutional columns that are not signed by any author. These reflect the opinion of Geekybar and, therefore, the responsibility for this content is assumed by this medium.

– Editorials, which express the institutional point of view on various current issues, are opinions that are the responsibility of Geekybar and are not signed.

– Cartoons are editorial content, which is signed by their authors. They reflect a reflection, criticism, humor, vision of the world, local, national or international events, and not the opinion of Geekybar.

– Geekybar also publishes content generated by its audience, such as videos, photographs, stories, audios, etc .; this under previous verification and authorization of the author, giving the corresponding credit to the person.


– Human life comes before any news. Geekybar does not publish reports of kidnappings while a person’s life is clearly at risk, even if other media have done so.

– Suicides are not published either, unless the person is a public figure or because it occurs in a public place or in prison or police facilities and there is doubt as to the cause.

– No Geekybar reporter has to risk his life recklessly in order to get information.

– Geekybar does not scrutinize people’s private lives. Only information that could have an impact on the community and that deals with important issues that could help decision-making is published. Although the work of governing public persons, politicians, artists, athletes, among others, reduces the circle of their privacy, the journalist is obliged to perceive and respect the limits established and established by law, international treaties and the Federal Constitution.

– Geekybar is especially careful with the victims. In cases of denunciation of rape, rape, indecent assaults, harassment, harassment, persecution and the like, the publication of indications that lead to the identification of the victim will be avoided.

– Detainees, accused, suspects, accused of a crime (presumed innocent until proven otherwise) are treated as such and not as criminals.

– When it is formally declared that a person has been abducted from the action of justice, the image and complete personal data of the accused may be published, as indicated by the National Code of Criminal Procedures.

– The images of offending adolescents are not published unless the express authorization of the parents (both), guardians or whoever can legally grant it is previously obtained.

– In the case of crime victims who are minors, the parents (both), guardians or whoever can legally grant it must previously authorize and in writing the publication of any content that allows the identification of children and adolescents.

– When the image, name and other personal data of a boy, girl and adolescent are required to stand out, the express authorization of the parents, guardians or whoever can legally grant it must be previously obtained.

– Reporters do not use rude terms. High-sounding words spoken by a public figure are reproduced, in all their letters, only if they contain newsworthy value that cannot be expressed otherwise.

– Geekybar does not make jokes to its audience or the community in general. He does not write fake or joke notes.

– Geekybar writes with adherence to the Spelling of the Spanish Language and relies on its licenses and flexibility to adapt to the usual Spanish in Mexico.


Geekybar will respect the General Law of the Rights of Girls, Boys and Adolescents as well as the Universal Declaration of Protection of Girls, Boys and Adolescents in the publication of content related to this age group.


Geekybar will be subject to the respect provisions contained in the Universal Declaration of Animal Rights when generating any content in this regard.


– Geekybar is in solidarity with aid campaigns for groups in need or in emergency conditions, but does not assume any individual cause as its own.

– Geekybar promotes culture and sports.

– Geekybar tries to be a balanced means of communication and, in the face of daily complaints and lamentations, it seeks and publishes the good news, it also highlights the positive of ordinary people, reflects and exalts their values.


– In the printed editions, all advertising pieces are distinguished and separated from the information; In the case of content in the digital medium, the legend that is sponsored will be read.

– The advertising texts are written by staff from the Content Marketing area.

– No member of the Editorial Department participates in the sale of advertising.

– Journalists will not broadcast advertising messages in informational formats, with the exception of dissemination campaigns of companies in which journalists work, as well as campaigns of institutions that contribute to social welfare.

– Advertising interests cannot motivate the publication of an informative article.

– Advertising contracts do not compromise our editorial independence.

– During electoral campaigns, political advertising does not condition the preference for handling information.

– No one undertakes to publish this or that report from a source. Nobody charges to have a note published.

– The accusatory displays always indicate the name of the person responsible for the publication. The Advertising department requires the necessary documentation to authorize the publication and the advertisement will be subject to the legal provisions inherent to the use of images and personal information.


– The comments issued by journalists, collaborators and officials of the medium through our social media accounts will be made in accordance with the provisions of our Code of Ethics.

– The comments, videos, memes, audios, photos (other content) published by users of our various social media accounts will be subject to the policies of the respective platforms, and Geekybar will remain oblivious to the decisions made.

– All the opinions of Geekybar workers and officials reflected in their personal social networks are in their own right and do not reflect the position of the medium.


– Geekybar understands that the information verification exercise is especially relevant during electoral campaigns because more misinformation tends to circulate.

– Geekybar journalists see election coverage as one more social service, to promote informed decisions on the part of voters.

-Geekybar journalists do not set positions or make recommendations on the meaning of the vote, which is a free and inalienable exercise of each citizen.

– The medium marks a clear dividing line between information and opinion.

– Geekybar is measured in the handling of information, providing a position based on facts, and as far as possible from the propaganda and dirty wars that characterize electoral processes.

– The profiles of all candidates and their platforms will be made known in an equitable manner.

– An informed and intelligent vote, regardless of its meaning, is the goal of all Geekybar electoral coverage.

– If Geekybar detects possible conflicts of interest of its editors or journalists in relation to a campaign, it takes measures to guarantee objectivity.

– If Geekybar employees and officials decide to be candidates, actively participate in partisan campaigns or receive remuneration or any other type of benefit for him or his relatives, they must immediately resign from their position. In the event that the person wishes to return to his or her position after completing the election, it will be for the consideration of the directors of the company.

– In every electoral survey carried out by Geekybar, the applied methodology, the sample size and the margin of error are indicated, as well as all the provisions contained for the media in the General Law of Electoral Institutions and Procedures of Mexico.

– Electoral surveys carried out by other media and polling houses whose full or partial content is published in Geekybar is the responsibility of said media or polling house to comply with the guidelines of the aforementioned Electoral Law.

– Surveys contracted as a gazette are distinguished by their typography, by the frame or by the phrase ‘Paid insertion’, they must also be subject to the provisions of the Electoral Law.

– Geekybar distinguishes between survey and poll. When you publish the results of a poll, explain its limitations.

– This medium will publish the results of a political election taking as a source the information generated by the corresponding Electoral Institute.


Correction of errors

– Journalists must not disseminate false, misleading or inaccurate material. If they do so, they must rectify the information or specify immediately through the faith of errors, even if no one claims. The error is admitted without haggling and an apology is offered.

– If you detect an error or an inaccuracy in any content, please contact the responsible editor.

– On the Geekybar website, the article with the error will be modified and a note will be placed at the end of the corrected article indicating the error and the corrections made to it.