How to make a suitcase: 10 tips of what to take on a trip

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To the Sahara and without a hat? Upstream and without paddle? Make your preparations simpler with our checklist and packing tips

With flights and hotels booked, what to bring in your travel bag is the last pending before heading off to a well-deserved vacation. However, packing does not have to feel like a burden, especially if you follow the useful advice of our experts who tell you exactly what to take on a trip.

Control liquids

We are all aware of the rules, but there is still confusion among people and it is not unusual to have traffic jams when someone tries to sneak a bottle of water for the safety of the airport. To the dismay of many, the general rule in many parts of the world prohibits passing containers of more than 100 ml, and the set of liquids must fit inside a clear liter bag (sometimes available just before security). If you carry liquids that exceed this limit, put them in checked baggage.

Medications, just in case

We are not suggesting that you prepare yourself for any imaginable illness; with a small bag with pills and essential medicines, enough. After all, nobody wants to suffer a headache, fever, upset stomach or the three conditions at the same time during the holidays. It may be easy to buy medicines in your city, but maybe in the country to visit they are only sold by prescription. And the same goes for medicines for allergies or asthma, do not forget to pack them!

The labels are there to help

Unless you’re an international spy, you do not need to travel incognito. Many suitcases already come with built-in labels, so be sure to write your details. It will be a relief if you or the airline loses your luggage!

Consider baggage restrictions

Read the small letters that indicate the maximum weight of your carry-on baggage and checked suitcases.
Get organized with a list of things to travel and read the details of the maximum weight allowed in hand luggage and documented.

If your airline says “23 kilos” it means exactly that: 23 kilos. Weigh your bags before leaving home and make sure you do not leave the restrictions. Knowing what to carry in your suitcase can prevent you from having to drop a ticket at the airport or repackage and redistribute your possessions in your luggage to be within the allowed limits.

Do not forget the shoes

The number of shoes you need depends on the length of your vacation and the type of activities planned. We think that three pairs is a reasonable average for a getaway of one to two weeks. More important than the space they occupy is their versatility. Make sure you do not wear uncomfortable sandals to walk around the mountain and wear shoes suitable for the activities included in your vacation. Put on the most bulky ones during the flight and put your socks on the other pairs, so you will save more space.

Hygienic products, limit yourself!

Unless your destination is a desert island, chances are you can buy shampoo or sunscreen anywhere in the world. If you can not live without that special face cream, take only the amount needed for the trip, so you can discard the empty containers and save space on the return journey.

Beware of fragile objects

If you need to pack something that could break, such as glass or porcelain, wrap them in bubble paper or between clothes and place them in the center of the suitcase. It is the best way to protect them so that they arrive in one piece. If possible, try to transport them with you in your carry-on baggage, this way you guarantee that your suitcase will be treated with care (for you!).

Valuable items in hand luggage

These days it is unusual for airlines to lose luggage, but why risk it? Go safe and store your valuable possessions, such as your camera or engagement ring, in your carry-on luggage.
Check the weather before leaving

Do not leave home without an umbrella

What to take on a trip is not always obvious, but you can avoid a hard time if you pack an umbrella

Depending on your destination, the weather forecast can be the best ally or the worst enemy of your vacation. Rain or sun, meteorologists will give you an idea of the weather you can expect during your vacation. Check one day before leaving and pack accordingly.

Essential things to travel

Our last tip is essential when deciding what to take on a trip, without these essentials the only place you will go is home. Make a list of things to travel and, before leaving, check again and again that you have your wallet, a valid passport and your phone. Keep them at your fingertips because you’ll need them on the way to the airport and once you’re there.


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