Ninel Conde gives her ex spikes by wearing a Brazilian bikini and modeling

Ninel Conde
Ninel Conde

At 45 years old, Ninel Conde can boast of an unsurpassed beauty that leaves everyone stunned and with a good taste in their mouths, since she has a very peculiar style to show off her charm in tiny and indiscreet outfits.

This time the Bombón Asesino gave all his loyal fans a wad of the eye through his official Instagram account, which is saturated with images and videos in which he leaves his spectacular curves in the foreground.

This time it was not who took out her Brazilian bikini to model and impress everyone, thus unleashing an intense wave of compliments and compliments.

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With such a small summer look, the beautiful singer gave her ex Giovanni Medina stings, who is on the lookout for what he shares on his private account Only Fans since he does not want his son Emmanuel to see that his mother teaches more than the bill.   

Let us remember that just a few months ago the owner of the hit “Calvados” was sharing and living with her 5-year-old son, whom she had not seen or been close to for more than 2 years.

The boy was left in the care of the famous businessman who has played the role of a selfless father since he has been there for the little one at all times and has supposedly defended him from his mother.

There is no doubt that for Ninel Conde there are no limits and the famous one does not allow herself to be overshadowed by anything, since she has had several personal problems that have not brought her down, on the contrary, she brings out the caste and fights for what suits her.

With this Brazilian-style swimsuit, the Mexican actress fell in love with the exotic beauty that she exposed in front of the mirror, where she discovered much more of that figure worked on based on exercise, discipline, and one or another beauty trick.

It is well known that the famous has undergone some cosmetic surgeries to look majestic and keep her loyal fans aware of everything she does. 

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The also businesswoman is one of the most beautiful and daring women of entertainment in Mexico, for which she has achieved a privileged place that puts her in the eye of the hurricane.   


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