Artist Tully Summers explains how the idea of ​​placing Miek in Thor came about: Ragnarok

Tully Summers
Tully Summers

The conceptual artist Tully Summers has revealed a new curiosity about the movie “Thor: Ragnarok”, the third installment of the Thor franchise that premiered last year. The film was inspired in good measure by the arch of the comics ‘Planet Hulk’, placing in it even characters born in those pages. Summers has talked about the specific case of Miek, who although has some significance in the comics, in the film had a purely face-to-face role.

Apparently, the idea of ​​placing Miek was born without really looking to adapt the character. Summers invented the idea of ​​placing a gladiator more, but the director Taika Waititi took the opportunity to place Miek in the film.

Originally I designed this character as a gladiator in the background. I was exploring how someone who was not really fit for combat could defend themselves in the sand, and I came up with a mech suit with a blade for a caterpillar. They liked the idea enough to choose him as Miek, Korg’s friend.

This probably justifies why there is so much difference between the appearance of the comics and that of the film. In the comics, Miek is a kind of bug with four arms, but the film presents it as a kind of larva with a mech suit.

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