One Third Of Young People Feel That They Lost Their Virginity At The Wrong Time

40% of girls and 26% of boys regret losing their virginity “at the wrong time”.

It is a fact that sex education is important and necessary. In a large part of cases, parents do not talk about sex with their children or teachers do not give talks about sexuality in the institute. It is still a taboo subject and, although it is embarrassing and the parents and children give them shame, both should sit down and talk about this topic.

A study by the National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles published by the BBC reveals that 26% of men and 40% of women between 17 and 24 years old in the UK feel that they lost their virginity “at the wrong time ”

The article also deals with different issues that affect sex and the loss of virginity, such as the influence of friends, social networks and television programs, which influence attitudes and decisions.

Sex education is fundamental in the family and in schools

Riya is a student who says that at age 16, one “is not, perhaps, prepared” to do so for the first time, and that is the age of legal consent in the country. “If I was about to have sex, probably, I would not tell anyone about Snapchat, some things you keep for you,” she says. “I am fully qualified to decide or not.”

Sana is another 16-year-old from the same school who says there is “a lot of pressure from other young people.” According to him, “sex appears in chat groups every day” and he feels “that it is more a rule that people of our age are no longer virgins”.

“I know many of my friends do feel pressured to have sex because they know that other people in their class have done it,” agrees Beth, another 16-year-old girl. “As they know that someone else is doing it, they worry that when they go to college they will be left aside because they did not do it.”

On the other hand, Nicole, aged 18, is somewhat older and her opinion is somewhat different, as she believes that her friends wait until they feel “good with the person they are with”. “I feel that you should not hurry because you have a lot of time in your life,” says the girl.

Sex on television and social networks

It is better to wait until you feel good with the person you are having sex with for the first time
“It is better to wait until you feel good with the person you are having sex with for the first time”

For Beth, television and social networks and her repeated sexual themes are helping to talk more about sex, but she also believes that “she is making people think she has to have sex beforehand”. Many young people see series where young people have sex “and that makes them feel that it is normal and that they should be doing it”.

Riya agrees that they appear “boys of 13 or 14 years uploading daring photos”, for example. She assures that she knows a couple of that age “that they have sexual relations” but she asks herself “if they are ready for that”.

Nicole has the same opinion, because for her the social networks are “making the younger generations grow too fast”. “It teaches you what you can have but not necessarily when you should have it, so it encourages a certain kind of behavior – people are starting to have sex before and may regret it in the future.”
Why do men not repent?

Girls tend to be more criticized socially for maintaining relationships

The data show that 40% of girls regret their first sexual experience, while only 26% of men feel the same. For the young Sana, perhaps this is because “the girls seem to think more about how they will do it or are more conscious about their bodies.” The boys, on the other hand, are more ready to talk about it and want to do it. ”

But what the whole group of students agree on is the great social burden of having sex according to gender. As Riya says, while for boys it is easier to deal socially with this decision, “for girls, if you are sleeping with someone without being in a relationship, you say: ‘He sleeps with anyone.'”

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