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TORONTO, ON - FEBRUARY 6 - A view of Sarah Strange, 20, after get freckle tattoo's from Gabrielle Rainbow, a tattoo artist from Montreal, at Chronic Ink, February 6, 2017. A trend story about people who are doing this. Andrew Francis Wallace/Toronto Star

Surely we will all agree on the idea that beauty is subjective. Each person has a different concept about what is beautiful or beautiful, and what is not.

As colloquially it is said, for tastes there are colors, and the same feature can be unattractive for some people and, however, be the object of desire for others. The same happens with freckles, which have recently raised so much interest that specialized methods have been developed to draw them permanently.

The fashion of freckles

For some time, there has been a tendency to tattoo freckles on the face, which is an irony, since for many people freckles have been a source of imperfections and complexes throughout their lives. Now they have become a trend for others who don’t have and want to wear them.

If you want to join the fashion of being freckled, despite not having these spots on your face, there is a very effective solution that will suddenly draw as many freckles as you want: micropigmentation .

Freckles are spots that appear thanks to a combination of genetic factors and sun exposure . The people in whom freckles most frequently appear are those who have white skin and light hair, with redheads the most suffering from this phenomenon. And as such, not everyone can develop freckles on the face, so they go to micropigmentation techniques in order to tattoo them (semi-permanently) on their face.

If you have already decided and want to have freckles, before enjoying the desired result, it should be noted that for a few days the micropigmented area will look somewhat red and inflamed. These effects will disappear soon after. In addition, after a few weeks, the initial color of the dyed freckles will soften, offering a much more natural result.

What is micropigmentation?

The micropigmentation also known as permanent makeup . This treatment has been applied for a few decades, but it is now, in recent years, when it is becoming more popular, as we will see below. The range of micropigments that can be used to “tattoo” the skin is very wide today, covering the full range of skin and hair colors. This offers the possibility of getting really spectacular finishes, but, above all, very natural. With micropigmentation you will always get a good look, the one you want so much; You will be perfect at all times.

In addition, as we commented, it is a semi-permanent technique since the results can last between a year and a half and four years . The duration will depend on several factors: the area of ​​the face where it has been performed, the intensity of the micropigmented color (soft tones tend to last less) and the type of skin of the person. On the other hand, it is recommended to perform a touch-up at 4 or 6 weeks of the initial session to get a more perfect job.

The reason why the micropigments are not permanent is that the person’s immune system is responsible for gradually removing the injected particles from the body. In addition, this technique is less invasive than the permanent tattoo , the micropigments are introduced into very superficial layers of the epidermis through a very fine needle. This also allows the healing process to be much faster. And if in the end you don’t like your look with freckles, you can be calm, since you can remove them whenever you want with laser. In about three sessions they will disappear before your body ends up discarding them.

This technique does not usually present complications or side effects, but special care should be taken if skin conditions appear in the treated area such as moles, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, warts, burns, bruises, wounds, herpes , etc. It is also important that you do not expose your face to the sun or UV radiation until after one month of having made the session. In addition it is also very advisable to protect the pigmented area with sunscreen total screen to avoid scars.

What else can be embellished with micropigmentation?

Micropigmentation also serves to beautify, profile and highlight lips, eyebrows and eyes . More and more people are turning to this technique to improve their appearance in a natural way.

  • Lips . Currently, micropigmentation is very popular for correcting small imperfections in the lips or their profile, it also serves to hide small grooves or “increase” the volume of the lips by widening the contour and intensifying the skin tone. Another widely used resource is to outline the lip contour so as not to have to do it every time you put on makeup. Be careful with this type of touch-up, because they can cause the opposite effect. In some cases it will be necessary to supplement the micropigmentation treatment with others, such as hyaluronic acid filler, to hide the person’s wrinkles.
  • Cejas . Micropigmentation is used in this case to shade the area of ​​the eyebrows, making it an excellent option to conceal sparsely populated eyebrows, scar marks, lengthen the appearance or even modify its shape.
  • Eyelids . This is an increasingly demanded technique because it consists of delineating the eyelid very naturally. This achieves a truly spectacular optical effect creating a sensation of density in the eyelashes.

Micropigmentation can be the solution to improve those small aesthetic imperfections that your face presents. Whether you want to have freckles even if your body does not develop them, or if you want to improve the profile of your lips, eyebrows or eyes, micropigmentation is the option you need to beautify your appearance in a completely natural way. But, despite being a very simple technique, it is important that you go to a specialized and trusted center to put yourself in the hands of a professional. That is the only way to guarantee the hygienic conditions that this procedure requires.



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