Food for your Well being | A Balanced Nutritional intake will be the best medicine

We all require a varied and balanced intake of food to keep us healthy. The diet or “life regime” is considered balanced when it provides the amounts of nutrients (proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals), which allow the body to function properly allowing us to be in balance both physically and mentally.

When we talk about nutrition we immediately think of science; the science practiced by the doctor that will tell you what to eat and what not to eat. Yes, that is, we must prioritize the opinion of the specialist before changing or starting a new diet. However, in the day to day, with a little information and paying attention to what we consume, we can all be well nourished, we just need to want to Live in Well being.

Nowadays, with the rhythm of life that we lead, think about our past feeding to a second plane. Daily we assume countless responsibilities and sometimes we forget that we should feed properly. We must think not only that we need to eat a certain amount of food but also in the quality of those foods.

Quoting Hippocrates:

“Let food be your best medicine and your best medicine be your food”.

And it is true, a balanced nutritional intake will be the best medicine that will help us prevent an infinity of diseases.

Stop to think for a moment, how do you feel? Do you feel energized during the day? Or do you feel drowsy shortly after eating your food? Do you feel overweight? Do you feel that you have more? abdominal fat of which you would like ?. Think about the foods you eat and analyze if you are consuming all the nutrients in a balanced way and think about the quality of the food you eat, eg do you consume many refined flours, bread or rice, or do you prefer fruits and vegetables? . If, at the end of your self-analysis, the answers you get are that you feel weak during the day, that after a short time of eating you get a slump and you feel sleepy, then it is because you have some deficiency of nutrients or that the quality of the nutrients is not appropiate. It could well be that you are consuming many more carbohydrates in relation to proteins or vice versa, or that you are consuming many more refined flours than you should. Any of these situations can cause that fatigue and that excess of unwanted abdominal fat.

Well, the solution is at your fingertips. An adequate balance of your food would prevent you from feeling the symptoms we mentioned earlier. In addition you would be preventing an endless number of diseases that are indirectly caused by nutritional deficiencies.

Each individual according to their generic, physical characteristics, their activity and if they are sick or healthy, will require different caloric needs and at the same time food needs.

In short, think that nutrition is equal to health, and it depends on you to start Living in Well being

What do you think?

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