WhatsApp: Do you want to have Mia Khalifa? With this trick you can achieve it

Easy peasy. If the stickers of Mía Khalifa in your WhatsApp you want to obtain, this complete note you must read.

Send it to all your friends. Mia Khalifa, the popular adult film actress, is the new inspiration for stickers and wallpapers that WhatsApp has implemented. Keep reading to find out how to get them.

In case you do not know, WhatsApp recently added a new feature that has fascinated users, we refer to stickers, which you can send to your friends, you can even create stickers to them, using their photographs.

AR Productions, the company that developed these stickers and wallpapers, said that they did it thinking of the Mia Khalifa fans who use WhatsApp and who want to liven up their conversations with funny stickers of the young Lebanese girl.

If you want to have the stickers and wallpapers of Mia Khalifa in your WhatsApp, the first thing you have to do is enter any conversation, press the stickers icon (the happy face) and then press the stickers icon that looks like a leaf.

Later, you will see all the stickers of WhatsApp installed on your cell phone and if you want to get more, then you will have to press the “+” icon so you can enter the store, where you must choose “get more stickers” and then write Mia Khalifa and also ‘Personal stickers for WhatsApp’.

After doing this, you will get the wallpapers and stickers of Mia Khalifa that you can install on your smartphone and that you can send to your friends through WhatsApp. If you want to know more details, check our gallery, by sliding the main image to the left.

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