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Fire and Blood: George R.R. Martin Reveals More Details Of The Targaryen Story

Although many of us are still waiting for the outcome of “Song of Ice and Fire”, George R.R. Martin prefers to keep turning the matter around and offers us more details about his new book “Fire And Blood

At least, this new release can ease our wait for the eighth and final season of the hit HBO series, ‘Game of Thrones’ and can give us new details of the Targaryen House.

The own George R.R. Martin says that so you have not read “Song of Ice and Fire”, this story that revolves around the Targaryen will be very entertaining and catch from the start.

“The important thing, as I usually emphasize, is that (” Fire and Blood”) similar to  Ice and Fire saga, because it is a literary form completely different from what is essentially a popular history. ”

These statements he gave to Publisher’s Weekly, where he also revealed that this would be the first installment of what could be a series of historical books.

The story that has been expressed in the pages is narrated in such a way that it will be entertaining to the reader and you will not get bored at any time, Martín said.

“There is an authorial voice there where I have had a lot of fun trying to create it, that of Archmaester Gyldayn, who is someone with opinions of his own and whose vision of these people ends up being poured into his writings.”


The book has 989 pages and will be published on November 20.

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