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Meghan’s father Markle has no contact with his daughter

Thomas Markle believes that she is “terrified” and under “too much pressure” by the British royal family

The Duchess of Sussex’s father, Thomas Markle, revealed that he has no contact with his daughter, who believes she is “terrified” and under “too much pressure” by the British royal family.

In an interview published in The Sun on Sunday, Markle, 73, said the phone he calls his daughter “does not work” and has “no way to contact her.”

The progenitor of Prince Henry’s wife said he was “very worried” about Meghan, who does not recognize his smile.

“I’ve seen his smile for years, I know his smile, I do not like what I see now, it’s pain,” he said.

Markle, who did not attend his daughter’s link on May 19 at Windsor Castle because she is recovering from an operation, said “you have to pay a high price” for being married to the British royal family.


In addition, he said that, in his opinion, the clothing his daughter is now wearing is “ridiculous”.

“Meghan looks like something out of an old movie, why do you have to dress like in 1930? Why do you have to cover your knees?” He asked.

“I’m not blaming Enrique or anyone, but they are rules that do not make any sense to me,” he said, while saying he felt “sorry for them” for not being able to show any emotion.

Markle explained that the reason for the “rejection” of the royal family derives from the controversy as a result of pacting some photos with a “paparazzi” and trying to take advantage of it.

Something that does not make sense to him when “half of Britain seems to be making a fortune selling photos” of his daughter and her husband, “are they rejected?”.

Also, the duchess’s father regretted that his ex-wife Doria Rangland was the only family member who attended Meghan’s wedding and criticized that she will be “alone”.

“I should have been there, Everybody said I was too terrified to walk with her to the altar, but I was prepared to do it, I had a written speech, Meghan was absolutely beautiful,” she added.

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